Posted on Nov 04, 2020
On Nov 4th, at our club's first hybrid meeting, we were visited by Tina Rexing, founder and owner of T-Rex Cookies.
She gave a very inspirational presentation of her quest to take her passion of baking cookies to the next level.  Her story is so cool, it would be hard to summarize so I hope you google her and her story.
We learned about her competitiveness with baking starting at the State Fair.   That she supplied cookies to Orchestra Hall, US Bank Stadium, restaurants & more.  How COVID affected her business.
We learned about her experience with the popular show, Shark Tank.  She applied on a whim and did not hear from anyone for 10 months.....they wanted 300 lbs of cookies as a backdrop....spent $6k in preparing....10k applicants, only 80 are invited to fly out....they air 60 of those....45 minute video gets edited down to 7 minutes.
We also learned that she starts all her employees  as both bakers and retail and that she buys all her employees lunch.
Thanks Tina for your wonderful presentation!  For our members that zoomed in, we were unable to taste the cookies you brought to the meeting so we will have to order online at or stop in at 525 Diffley Rd (NW corner of Hwy 3 & Diffley).   Best wishes on your future!