Posted on Mar 17, 2021
On March 17th, we heard from our March Student of the month, Quynh Mai.  In addition to a heavy load of AP classes, Quynh is also taking College Spanish and Composition through the U of MN.   She enjoys dance as both a student and volunteer.  Her parents encouraged her to do Band as she entered high school.  Quynh admitted she didn't like Band then but participated in the RHS Marching Band for 3 years and was happy for the experience and her parent's encouragement.  Band & Dance taught her to "build connections".  It was clear to our group that Quynh has a high level of maturity....that she is humble....that she is very appreciative....and she has a high dedication to family.
Her plans are to focus on Neuro Science and I have been told that she has already been accepted by her top 2 choices, Yale & USC!  Our club wishes you the best Quynh....keep on dancing.