Rotary Club of Rosemount earns more than $2,500 assisting the Rotary Club of Farmington with Ramble Jam.
Charlie Seivert from the Rotary Club of Farmington visited the Rotary Club of Rosemount in early November to share the results of Ramble Jam and thank all those who helped with the event for their service.

“The event was a huge success,” said Seivert. “We raised close to $30,000 and are looking forward to starting planning for next year.”

Regarding the contest made between the two clubs, the Rotary Club of Rosemount faced a good news, bad news situation.

The Farmington club reported selling 495 raffle tickets in advance of the event versus 361 sold by Rosemount, which brought the bad news that Rosemount now has to pony up a BBQ for our friends in Farmington.

The good news, though, was a combination of pre- and day-of sales resulted in 519 tickets being sold and the Rosemount club being presented with a check for 50% of the proceeds, or $2,595. Congratulations, everyone!