Coming soon to the RHS 2010-2011 School Year
Youth mentoring is a key part of many Rotary clubs' service efforts. What better way have we to make an impact upon our communities, an impact that will last for generations to come!

STRIVE is a youth mentoring program that was developed right here in our own district. White Bear Lake Rotarian, Don Mooney, started the program in his local high school, and soon thereafter his Rotary club picked up on it. Since that time STRIVE has migrated to Rotary clubs throughout the world. While STRIVE and other youth mentoring programs will vary from club to club, a common STRIVE model includes: - inviting the bottom third of the high school senior class to be matched with a Rotary mentor, - meeting at a STRIVE group at the school monthly, - awarding scholarships based upon % improvement in cumulative GPA - holding an awards banquet for STRIVE students and their families. Each year those clubs managing a STRIVE program will experience at least a few real life-changing turnarounds for their students. One student, when asked by a Rotarian what about the STRIVE program worked for her, answered: "My parents knew I was a loser, my counselors knew I was a loser, my teachers knew I was a loser, but you didn't."

Stay tuned as we get our Rosemount STRIVE program kicked off for the 2010-2011 school year!